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It Begins!

Welcome to the Rough Writers Podcast!
We’re two authors at the begining of our careers, hoping to share what we have learned (and will learn) through the process of writing and publishing our fiction. We won’t always get it right, but hopefully we’ll learn the hard way and pass it on to you so that you can avoid some of the pitfalls.
Allison has written several books, and at the time of this posting has published one of them. She’s self published by choice, and has never written a query letter or submitted a short story for publication.
James is also an accomplished writer, and is exploring the opportunities available in the traditional publishing industry, starting with having a short story purchased and published.
We hope to be able to provide varied points of view on writing craft, the industry, life as a writer, and some of the technical stuff too. Hopefully there will be something for every kind of writer here.
There will be drinking, there will be swearing, there will be frank discussions of violence and sex (tastefully, from a writer‘s perspective), and there will be opinions that you might disagree with. That’s okay!
This is our podcast, but it’s also partly yours, dear listener! We’d love to have your feedback, questions, comments, and topic suggestions. You can find us on Twitter at @roughwritercast, on Facebook at the Rough Writers Podcast group, and you can reach us by email at the

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