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Our intro and our outro music is Your Government Loves You and Wants You to be Happy, by Fretts! If you love it as much as we do, you can find more beautiful music at!



What We’re Drinking:

This episode, we opened with some reposado tequila from Espolon. This is one of my favorite tequilas, and is in a reasonably affordable price range. It’s probably available where you live, and James and I both enjoyed it quite a bit.


What We’re Saying:

I plugged my novel excessively, a fact for which I feel a great deal of remorse.  However, if you’re interested, you can find the novel here: A Guide to a Happier Life.

James did get his short story published! You can find the anthology that it was published in here: Truth Beyond Paradox.

We both listen to a lot of podcasts, we’re big fans of the medium, and we listen to writing podcasts particularly, and basically we started this project because we felt that the podcasting space as regards writing was not serving the novice writer, and that the space seemed really white dude heavy. Which, there are a lot of those white dudes who are doing great work and we appreciate that they’re there, but maybe there are more stories out there to tell.

The fact that the writing podcasting space feels white male dominated makes sense, because publishing is still largely white- and male-dominated.

But since neither James nor myself are white dudes, we decided to throw our hats into the ring.

We don’t really want that to be the focus of the podcast, we’re here for the writing most of all, but since that’s going to be a part of our experience as writers, we anticipate that it will come up in future episodes.

James mentions Sherman Alexie, who is probably one of the most prominent of native american authors working today. I think his prose is quite beautiful; if you haven’t read his stuff, you should. You can find his website here.

Don’t drink Black Velvet.

James writes because he loves it, but also because he feels that storytelling is a sacred tradition, universally. Writing is fundamental to human culture, and vital to understanding the self.

I write because I have always been a voracious reader, and that passion for the written word translated into writing at around age twelve. Stories are how we learn; the structure of the story is in our brains. But mostly, I write because it has in essence given me a path in life that I care about, and has given me a new will to live.

Writing, especially now, brings you a kind of immortality. The information age makes everything more or less permanent.

Allison is one half of the Barely Salvageable Press team. You can visit our website at

James and I met each other a little over a year ago at a dog’s birthday party. That dog’s name is Motley.

This is Motley.

This is Motley.

Follow the hashtag #whyiwrite on twitter for more inspiration.





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