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Tina Shelton and Independent Publishing Part 2


What We’re Drinking:

We’re drinking mystery booze?


Oh no. Oh dear sweet god no.20160311_182929

Smells like rubbing alcohol. Tastes like rubbing alcohol. Never, ever again. I don’t know what James did to this particular listener in order to earn this kind of treatment.

What We’re Saying:

The book glut is kind of a real thing, in as much as Amazon has made publishing on KDP so inexpensive and so easy that many books go up without any real quality control. For this reason it’s vital for indie publishers to make sure they’re publishing the absolute highest quality product that they can. It is this quality that allows us to differentiate our books from the massive tide of scammy and otherwise poor quality titles available on Amazon. And even books that contain good stories still suffer from this kind of poor quality, whether due to a lack of understanding of the process or due to a lack of attention.

(I’m sure we’ll have opportunities to talk about the book glut and why I don’t think it’s a thing we need to be worried about during some future episode.)

James broaches the subject of the self-publishing stigma, which is a phenomenon that predates KDP. Vanity presses, for instance, published based not on quality but on how much money a person had to spend on getting copies of their manuscript printed. The stigma surrounded independent publishing is fading now, due to the fact that we have so many wonderful indie authors who are dedicated to pursuing their craft with quality in mind. Authors like Hugh Howey, who was mentioned in this episode! Here’s what Howey has to say about being an indie author.

As a part of Tina’s pursuit of quality, she talks about her first experience with a real professional editor on Bento Box. Bento Box was edited by local hero Laurel Leigh, and if you’re looking for an editor Tina has wonderful things to say about her experience with Laurel Leigh.

Small press publishing is another option in between tiny outfits like Barely Salvageable and sending query letters to the big five, and my friend Robert Lashley has a poetry anthology published through a small press, Small Doggies Press. His book is called The Homeboy Songs, and if you buy it, you won’t regret it.

At this point we kind of start to derail. Sorry about that. I blame the Black Velvet, personally.

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