Intro Music by Fretts!

Our intro and our outro music is Your Government Loves You and Wants You to be Happy, by Fretts! If you love it as much as we do, you can find more beautiful music at!

Sometimes The Unexpected Happens…

What We’re Drinking:

Henry’s Hard Soda: Ginger ale. It wasn’t great. It tasted like sugar water with a little lemon juice in it. It didn’t have enough alcohol in it to justify it being terrible. I wouldn’t buy this […]

Quickies: The Mystique of the Short Story.

What We’re Drinking:

St. Clement Vintner’s Merlot! Ooh, Classy. Normally Merlots aren’t my favorite, I tend toward drier wines. But this wasn’t awful. Nice mouthfeel, fresh cherries.

What We’re Saying:

Tina is with us again!

I’m not great at […]

Outside The Lines; or Outlining for Pantsers!

The outline for Allie’s 2015 NaNoWriMo novel, taped to her apartment door.

What We’re Drinking:

Crispin Natural Hard Pear Cider! I actually normally don’t like ciders because they’re often too sweet, but that’s been turning around since the […]

Voice in Writing.

What We’re Drinking:

Kulshan Red Ale. Kulshan is a local brewery that makes some very lovely beer. Today we’re drinking their red ale, which is one of my preferred beers of theirs. It tends to be heavier on the […]

Hugo Awards Minicast!

Hey, gang, we’re here with another minicast.

We usually put these things out when there’s something going on that we don’t want to wait on our release schedule to talk about. This is one of those times.

The Sad […]