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Hugo Awards Minicast!


Hey, gang, we’re here with another minicast.

We usually put these things out when there’s something going on that we don’t want to wait on our release schedule to talk about. This is one of those times.

The Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies are at it again.

If you don’t know who any of these guys are, they’re sci-fi authors and fans who believe that the sci-fi community is practicing some kind of affirmative action by promoting the work of female authors, queer authors, and authors of color, and as a result they have been presenting their own slates for the Hugo awards and stuffing the ballot box.

The most vocal ringleaders are Vox Day, Brad Torgerson, and Larry Correia. I’m not linking to any of them because I don’t want to give them traffic. If you want to know what they say about it, Google is your friend.

The Hugo Awards are important because they’re a kind of a people’s choice award in science fiction, and anyone who can afford a membership to WorldCon can vote in the awards. Last year, in 2015, they dominated the awards. Several nominees dropped their nominations, not wanting to have won in this way, and many of the categories experienced a no award vote.

This is ruining (or if you ask George RR Martin, has already ruined) the Hugo Awards, because the only way to prevent this from happening is to more strictly control the nomination/voting process, which kind of strips away its populist spirit. Also, for new authors particularly, a Hugo Award is a big deal. When we have reactionary elements trying to keep authors from marginalized groups from receiving this award, it stunts the careers of these authors.

In response, George RR Martin set up the Alfie Awards in 2015, and says that he’ll do so again this year.

But what can we do?

We can support the work of marginalized authors, and we can not tolerate this kind of right wing suppressive nonsense in our industry. We can also listen to some of the moderating influences in the community like George RR Martin and Chuck Wendig when they decry this kind of bullshit.

Thanks for listening.

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