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Chuckanut Writer’s Conference Minicast


What I’m Saying:

What happened to this week’s podcast?

Allie and I have both had a crazy week after graduating, and I stayed at a writer’s retreat for three days.  The Whidbey Island Writer’s Refuge was beautiful and relaxing.  This week’s episode ended up falling between the cracks, but we’re not offline.  We’ve got more juicy content for you coming soon.

I also really want to get some feedback from you guys about our recent episodes with Tiger Gray.  It’s going to help us figure out the future thrust of the podcast.

Additionally, I’m attending the Chuckanut Writer’s Conference.  I went into some details about what I’m learning and experiencing while I’m there.  There were two great keynote speeches by Claire Dederer and Erik Larson.  I attended a brilliant workshop on the color line in poetry with Roberto Ascalon.  I also had an interesting panel that discussed the effects of imprinting on your writing with Stephanie Kallos.

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